Costa Ria Scuba Diving - Diving at the Bat Islands

Please keep in mind that that only certified divers are allowed on Bat Islands Costa Rica tour. 

The Bat island scuba diving tour is exclusively run in the months of June, July, and August!

The Bat Islands Archipelago (Santa Elena Peninsula) is constituted by 5 main islands and 10 minor ones. It is a protected area that is part of Santa Rosa National Park.

San Pedrillo Island is known for its amazing marine wildlife. In its waters, it is possible to detect big fish species such as bull sharks, giant rays, marlins, and even whale sharks.

The meeting time is at 6.55 am at our shop Tamarindo Diving Center or at 6.50 am if you need a pick up at your accommodation. We will leave Tamarindo Beach at 7 am and after approx. 2 hrs sailing we will reach our first diving spot.

After diving, we will relax and rest on our comfortable boat. A light lunch and soft drinks will be offered onboard while we reach our second diving spot.

We’ll be back in Tamarindo around 4:30/5: 00 pm.

Tour includes: boat trip, soft drinks & light lunch, all equipment and 2 dives

Ask us for the possibility of a third dive at the Catalina’s (US$35)

A minimum of 4 people is required 


Some people can experience motion sickness. In order to prevent it, we recommend you take a tablet 30 minutes to an hour prior to the boat trip. 

You can also prevent it following these tips:

– Eat light meals or snacks 24 hours before traveling, and try to avoid big or high-fat content meals

– On the boat, ask to seat in the front and keep your eyes fixed as much as possible on the horizon or land

Price: $250

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